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Dog Looking For A Home

IMG_1879For the last four months I’ve been fostering a very nice dog named Bailey.  Bailey’s owner died suddenly this spring; a work colleague was looking for a home for Bailey and I volunteered on a temporary basis.  If she ends up at a home close to Arlington, she comes with free dog sitting services.  I like her and will enjoy having her visit while you go away for the weekend or on vacation or even just overnight.  I just can’t commit to taking care of her full time.

Bailey is 10 years old.  She’s mostly German Shepherd, but there’s something else there too.  She’s very friendly with people and children.  She’s not great with other dogs; she thinks that she’s the alpha dog.  She does fine with other submissive dogs.  She’s not good with cats, either – she thinks they are fun to chase.

As an older dog she’s content to sleep for much of the day.  I let her out in the morning and feed her.  A dog walker takes her for a stroll midday.  I come home in the evening and either walk her or let her out, and feed her again.  On weekends she goes on daytrips with me, or just stays at home while I’m getting work done.

She has excellent house training and has never once had an accident in my house. She can easily go 8 hours without needing to go outside.  She has no health problems and is an active companion.  She travels well in cars.

If you’re interested in meeting Bailey, please let me know.  If you’re interested in taking her for a few days to see if you get along, that is possible.  And, as I said before, if you take her full-time I’m very happy to be a regular dog sitter.