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Archive for December, 2009

Learning the Right Lessons from Airline Terrorism

I sent a tweet about this topic earlier, but it deserves more than 140 characters. There are plenty of ongoing investigations about last week’s terrorist attack on the plane from Amsterdam to Detroit.  It seems safe to say that all the facts are not in.  Still, I think this post is on safe ground – […]

Remembering a Dog

This video made me cry. It’s the story of a man saying goodbye to his dog. Six minutes long, but it only needed two of those minutes to grab me. It took me back to January 2, 2006, when I had to do the same thing with Grizelda. I debated whether I should post this […]

Building a Rink on Fenway – Time Lapse

Totally cool – I love how Fenway looks so different. I think if you watch it on my blog you get to avoid their super-annoying advertisement when you watch it on