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Why I’m Voting for Deval Patrick

I didn’t vote for Deval Patrick four years ago.  I kinda liked the guy, but I expected four more years of standard Beacon Hill special interest protection, waste, and corruption.  I have been delighted and surprised by the kind of governor that he’s turned out to be.

  • Do you own a car?  Have you noticed that your insurance rates are competitive? Have you noticed how they went down?  Thank Deval Patrick.  He did something that his predecessors, Democratic and Republican, did not.  He opened the insurance market.
  • Did you hear about the pension reform?  About how the qualification for pensions are much more strict, and no more sweetheart deals for part-time political hacks?  Deval Patrick.
  • For a long time there were 49 states that permitted the option of flagmen at construction sites rather than the more expensive full-time police officers.  Now there are 50.  Guess who, again.
  • He was a fierce supporter of gay marriage, and his influence is one of the reasons that the Constitutional Convention declined to put the question of gay marriage on the ballot.  He helped deliver the 75% of the legislature that kept gay marriage legal in Massachusetts.

I’ve lived in Massachusetts for almost 20 years now, and he has far exceeded his predecessors.  I want him to continue his work.

There are plenty of other reasons why you should vote for him, too.  Check out his list of accomplishments.  I’m sure you’ll find more reasons why he’s the right choice.

Please vote for Deval Patrick!