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Elect Curro and Byrne – This Tuesday!

It’s election season in Arlington, and I offer two endorsements.

Short version: Vote Curro and Byrne for Selectmen.  On your ballot, those are positions #4 and #5.  Be aware that the names on the ballot are very similar and potentially confusing – you want Curro-with-the-O in the 4th slot, and Steve Byrne in the 5th slot.

Long version: We have the good fortune to have several quality candidates for Selectmen this year.  I’ve met them all and listened to their campaigns.  Two of them rise above the rest.  I think they are good for Arlington, and I want to work with them in the coming years.

I’ve had the pleasure of working with Joe Curro for many years on Arlington issues.  I first met him outside a polling location – we spent a two-hour shift chatting and getting to know each other.  I found him to be thoughtful, a good listener, a good questioner, and had a great sense of humor.  He’s proven that to be true and much more.  His work for the town has been as excellent as it has been extensive: on the School Committee, on the Human Rights Commission, on Symmes, on Town Meeting, and more.  When I heard Annie LaCourt and Clarissa Rowe were leaving, I knew that Joe was one of the people I wanted to join me on the board.

I have known Steve Byrne for a shorter time, but he has been very impressive.  When I met him, I was planning on endorsing Joe Curro and no one else.  Steve’s energy and ideas were very convincing, and I’ve been working hard to help him get elected.  Sometimes you meet people with energy, but it’s not effective energy.  Steve, on the other hand, asks really smart questions so that he can apply his energy where it will make a difference.  I like his ideas, and I like the perspective he will bring to the board.  Some have suggested that he’s too young for the board.  I disagree – his perspective and his energy will be a great asset.  The board works best when it has a broad representation of ideas, and Steve brings them.  He has a long history in Arlington, having lived here all of his life.  He has a deep background in how the town and the state govern and function.   I hope that the town chooses to elect him on Tuesday.

I hope that both of them join me on the board!

Polls are open Tuesday from 8am to 8pm.  Some precinct borders changed, and the Thompson School voting location is closed.  You can double-check your polling location here: