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Archive for March, 2014

Dan Shows Real Command of the Job

Clarissa Rowe: “Sitting in the audience on Thursday night at the League of Women Voters debate, I was struck once again by Dan Dunn’s command of his job as Selectman. Dan is knowledgeable and experienced. He is comfortable dealing with the issues that arise on an everyday basis.”

Congenial Leadership and Insightful Questions

Jane Howard: “Dan has proven that he understands how the Town works and its many challenges. He does his homework, and thus is prepared to ask thoughtful and insightful questions, always with the best interests of the Town in mind.”

A Thoughtful and Collaborative Leader Who Listens

Rebecca Steinitz, on Dan’s approach: “He listens carefully, pays close attention to the issues, and develops his own opinions, then works hard to come up with effective, well-grounded solutions to problems and challenges.”

A Good Listener, Financial Steward & “Complete Streets” Champion

Phil Goff writes that Dan weighs all sides of an issue before making decisions, provides prudent fiscal leadership, and understands that public streets must be safe for all.

Why is My Support for Dan Dunn so Unconditional?

Elisabeth Carr-Jones: Knowing and respecting all three candidates for Selectmen this year, I had to ask myself the question, “Why is my support for Dan Dunn so unconditional, and why did I know I would support him for reelection before knowing who else would be running?”

Creativity & Diligence in Solving Problems

Adam Auster “Dan Dunn has brought energy and insight to his first term on the Board of Selectmen. Local government is about solving problems, and Dan has dug into the nuts and bolts with creativity and diligence.”

A Strong Voice for Arlington’s Schools

Cindy Starks: “As a school committee member, my focus in Arlington is on the schools. As such, my support for Selectman goes to Dan Dunn.

We Need Dan’s Leadership in Facing the Challenges Ahead

Alan Reedy: (Dan) is a very good listener who takes input from many perspectives before developing his position on issues. As we start to tackle the challenges facing Arlington, I want Dan Dunn to be on the Board helping to guide the way.

Thoughtful, Knowledgeable & a Strong, Independent Voice

Joan Axelrod Lehrich: “Dan….has proven to pursue his ideas in a collaborative, rather than combative, manner. He has actively sought strategies for maintaining services and funding for education within the financial constraints of the Town.

Knowledgeable, Experienced and Reasoned

Mary Winstanley O’Connor: “Challenging fiscal times require leaders that are knowledgeable, experienced and reasoned. For these reasons, I am supporting Dan Dunn for reelection to the Arlington Board of Selectmen,” writes Mary Winstanley O’Connor.