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Congenial Leadership and Insightful Questions

I write to encourage voters to re-elect Dan Dunn to the Board of Selectmen. Through his Town Meeting, Finance Committee and the Board of Selectmen experience, Dan has proven that he understands how the Town works and its many challenges. He does his homework, and thus is prepared to ask thoughtful and insightful questions, always with the best interests of the Town in mind.

For the past three years, and recently as Chair, Dan has continued the congenial leadership and welcoming manner in which speakers are treated when they appear before the Board. He is open to ideas from across the community, and guides these meetings through significant discussions of issues that might move the town to explore taking on new programs for the Town’s benefit. One such example is the recent Selectmen’s discussion and vote to recommend favorable action at the 2014 Annual Town Meeting on accepting the Community Preservation Act for Arlington.

My most recent interactions with Dan center on his encouragement of the arts, and especially public art in Arlington. His probing questions concerning the establishment of a Public Art Fund for the purchase, installation, maintenance and removal of Arlington’s public art enabled a positive 2013 Town Meeting vote that ultimately led to the recent State Legislature’s approval for this fund — one step further in assuring an attractive and engaged town.

Please join me in voting for Dan Dunn on Saturday, April 5.

Jane L. Howard
Woodland Street

Published in the Arlington Advocate March 20, 2014