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Thoughtful, Knowledgeable & a Strong, Independent Voice

I am writing to support Dan Dunn’s bid for re-election to the Board of Selectman. I believe he is an exceptionally thoughtful and knowledgeable Selectman with a strong, independent voice.

I first met Dan when we were both Town Meeting members. He stood out because of his unusual command of the budget and the by-laws. He was willing and able to ask questions and question decisions without rancor. Even when I disagreed with Dan, I always felt his concerns were well-informed and that he was truly pursuing the best long-term interests of the town. He was pragmatic and not dogmatic. I subsequently had the pleasure of knocking doors with Dan as he campaigned for the Board of Selectman. I liked the way he asked and answered questions. He was patient and open.

As I have watched Dan in his role as Selectman, he has proven to pursue his ideas in a collaborative, rather than combative, manner. He has actively sought strategies for maintaining services and funding for education within the financial constraints of the Town. He has pursued proactive cost-saving measures such as improved technology and has negotiated contracts which protected employees without compromising school services.

To the extent that a candidate’s budget ideas (and efforts) reflect his values, I wholly endorse Dan as a candidate for re-election to the Board of Selectman.


Joan Axelrod Lehrich

published in the Arlington Advocate 3/13/14