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Why is My Support for Dan Dunn so Unconditional?

Knowing and respecting all three candidates for Selectmen this year, I had to ask myself the question, “Why is my support for Dan Dunn so unconditional, and why did I know I would support him for reelection before knowing who else would be running?” The answer lies in the strong set of high-value skills that Dan brings to the Board of Selectmen.

First, is his impressive grasp of the Town’s finances. His years on the Town’s Finance Committee and Town Meeting were spent gaining a clear understanding of the priorities of Arlington. His dedication now seems to be taking on the challenge of continually tailoring the budget to better reflect those priorities.

Second, is his commitment to transparency. His blog quickly became the go-to place for non-biased coverage of Town Meeting proceedings. And now he’s committed to bringing the same open government to the Board of Selectmen and the Long Range Planning Committee.

Third, is his dedication to innovation. Dan’s practical attitude toward innovation is invaluable in finding ways to get more from the same investment. These are things Dan brings from the private sector, where he acquired his knowledge of technology and organizational problem solving.

Finally, is his fairness. Dan has the ability to cut through politics and evaluate ideas without bias. He treats everyone with respect and does not govern by quid pro quo. Sometimes, I think that people may write endorsement letters because they expect something in return from the candidate. I find myself writing this endorsement of Dan Dunn precisely because I don’t.

Elisabeth Carr-Jones
Lehigh Street, Arlington

 Published in the Arlington Advocate 3/13/14