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A Good Listener, Financial Steward & “Complete Streets” Champion

Next Saturday, April 5, I will be happy to place my vote to Re-Elect Dan Dunn for Arlington’s Board of Selectmen. I was introduced to Dan during his initial run for a seat on Board three years ago, and have been very impressed with his work ever since.

First and foremost, Dan is a good listener. He is not a pure ideologue and weighs all sides of an issue before making decisions on important policies and projects. I have attended numerous Selectmen’s meetings and other events in which Dan has spoken in official capacity and find him extremely thoughtful and articulate.

Dan has been a good financial steward of the Town’s resources. Though fiscally prudent, he understands that constraints in state funding and our low commercial tax base mean that the community must sometimes dig a little deeper to keep Arlington’s schools strong. He was an active supporter of the 2011 Override vote and a three-year budget plan that has helped to maintain our excellent public schools.

Last but not least, Dan looks at one of our sometimes-forgotten assets—our public streets—through a lens that recognizes the importance of a “Complete Streets” approach. His multi-year support for the Mass Ave Corridor reconstruction project shows his commitment to making neighborhoods and business districts safer places to walk, bike and take transit. Based on this and all of the above, voting to re-elect Dan Dunn is key to maintaining our high quality of life in Arlington.

Phil Goff
Grafton St, Arlington

Published in the Arlington Advocate 3/17/14