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A Strong Voice for Arlington’s Schools

Cindy StarksAs a school committee member, my focus in Arlington is on the schools. As such, my support for Selectman goes to Dan Dunn.

First, Dan understands that a strong Arlington requires strong schools. Dan knows that the strength of the property values in town is directly proportional to maintaining our schools and is committed to making sure that our schools stay strong.

Second, Dan understands that strong schools require funding to ensure that we are meeting the needs of all students and that we give each child the best education we can. Dan has helped us to secure additional funding to meet those needs and has worked to ensure he understands what is necessary.

Third, Dan knows that an integral part of the schools is our parents and that it is those parents who played a vital role in passing our last override, further strengthening our town and schools.

And last, Dan is committed to moving Arlington forward and ensuring that all of our elected officials and employees work together to create a strong Arlington. Dan has embraced a strong relationship with the schools and by working together has shown that we can build a stronger town that serves the needs of all of its citizens.

I hope you will join me in re-electing Dan Dunn to our Board of Selectmen so that we can continue to have a strong voice for our schools and our town.

Cindy Starks
Arlington School Committee

Published in the Arlington Advocate, 3/6/14