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Selectman Dunn Supports Education

Since joining the Board of Selectman three years ago, Dan Dunn has been a strong voice for the Arlington Public Schools. One of Dan’s first major votes was to support an override with a strict three year financial plan for the Town. Dan has helped to manage that plan well and has been a leading force in stretching that plan to 7 years. Dan has accomplished this by taking a thoughtful approach to listen to the issues, discuss alternatives, and develop partnerships to find solutions. Having a stable multi-year financial plan has enabled the schools to budget with confidence, rebuild programs and maintain a high quality of education in our schools.

Ensuring fiscal stability for our schools takes constant work and multi-year thinking. Recently, the schools have been experiencing increasing enrollment that wasn’t accounted for in the three-year financial plan. As chair of the Town’s long-range planning committee, Dan’s leadership and creativity were instrumental in crafting an on-going solution based on enrollment increases that will bring nearly $900,000 to the schools next year alone. The complexities of funding a new high school will be immense. As we embark on this next challenge, we need Dan’s leadership and insight into the overall fiscal future of our town.

Dan knows there are no easy answers. He knows there is much work to be done to ensure the Town’s long term financial health. But Dan rises to each challenge with a calm manner and thoughtful approach. On April 5th, I hope you will join me in voting for our schools, and voting to re-elect Dan Dunn.

Amy Speare
Ridge Street