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Vote Brazile, Diggins, Exton -June 2020

I’m casting three important votes (by mail!), and I encourage you to do so as well.

Juli Brazile is the best choice for Town Clerk.  Juli is a leader, a manager, an organizer, a doer, and, most importantly, a public servant.  As chair of Envision Arlington (formerly Vision 2020) she mobilized dozens of volunteers.  She will tackle the big issues – like making elections more accessible to everyone – to the small ones – like making it possible to buy your dog license online. She will transform the clerk’s office so that it serves the town’s residents where they are – be it in person, on the phone, or online.

Len Diggins will make an excellent member of the Select Board. I’ve gotten to know Len through his work for ACMI and our regular discussions about Select Board issues. His initiative to grow Town Meeting precinct meetings has increased education and involvement, and it’s an example of the priorities and leadership that he will bring to the Select Board.  His experience in regional transportation oversight will also be valuable as the town grapples with our growing population, both in Arlington and in the region.

Liz Exton is my choice for School Committee.  She brings important experience to the group, and perspective and knowledge that the committee will find invaluable.  First, she’s a parent of students in the Arlington system.  Second, she is a teacher in another school system. Her experience as a Town Meeting Member and override campaign activist are also important – she knows both what is possible, and what the limits are. 

I do not live in Precinct 12, but if I did, I would be voting for incumbents Eric Helmuth and Juli Brazile.  Eric’s qualifications are overwhelming: he was the chair of the group that brought electronic voting to Town Meeting.  He’s the current chair of the Community Preservation Committee.  He is also kind and thoughtful.

Eric and Juli are the target of Arlington Fights Racism (AFR), who nominated a slate of four candidates for the four seats. AFR’s stated goals are noble; their endorsement criteria is ostensibly to “increase the diversity of representation.” But their choices would lower Town Meeting’s diversity and remove highly respected members. Town Meeting will be diminished if Eric and Juli are not returned to their seats.

Joe Curro has compiled a longer list of Town Meeting endorsements, and I agree with the choices that he’s made.

Good health to all.  Thanks,

Dan Dunn