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About Dan

A proud Arlington resident since 1999 and an Alpine Street homeowner, Dan was elected to the Arlington Board of Selectmen in 2011 and currently serves as the chair. He brings a passion for our town, a deep understanding of town finances and services, and years of technology startup experience to the Board.

A record of accomplishment 

Dan is very proud of his achievements during his first three-year term on the Board. Some highlights:

  • Championed the long-term budget plan that maintains town services while controlling costs.  Dan worked collaboratively with elected leaders, town employees, and taxpayers to produce a plan that will keep Arlington on strong financial footing and maintain town services.
  • Fought for $900,000 in additional school funding this year to keep pace with our growing enrollment; just one of many ways he supported education in Arlington.
  • Spearheaded town investment in technology to save money and improve services.
  • Took the lead in improving quality of life in Arlington, from rewriting taxicab regulations to supporting public art.

Learn more about Dan’s accomplishments and his vision for the issues and challenges facing Arlington over the next three years.

A leader who can find solutions

In his years of work in town finance and governance, Dan has earned a reputation as a:

  • Respectful listener and consensus builder
  • Critical thinker who asks tough questions and seeks a range of input
  • Hard worker with positive ideas to control costs and maintain services
  • Careful steward of taxpayer dollars
  • Problem solver looking for root causes and creative ways to improve

Active history in local government and finance

Dan was deeply involved in town government and budgeting before being elected as a selectman in 2011:

  • Finance committee member for 5 years
  • Town Meeting member for 9 years
  • Helped establish the Information Technology Advisory Committee, and  served on others.
  • Dan’s popular commentary on Town Meeting, posted to his website since 2001, is a trusted source of information and analysis for many Arlington residents and town officials.

Experienced technology leader

Professionally, Dan is a seasoned product manager with a career spanning several successful technology startup companies. In his work Dan juggles complex budgets, leads diverse teams of people, and balances competing priorities and viewpoints every day.

  • Currently Dan is Vice President for Product and Community at Quantopian, located in downtown Boston.
  • Previous startups where Dan has performed similar roles were acquired by companies such as The New York Times, Hewlett-Packard, Amazon, EMC, and Symantec.
  • Graduate of Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)

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