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Finance Committee – ’09 Budget Review Kickoff

The ’09 budget year started in earnest for the Finance Committee on 1/28. Why are these notes three weeks late? I’m either lazy, or busy, or both! Non-Arlington readers will need to remind themselves where the delete button is. I have high hopes that I’ll keep up non-Arlington content, so I hope you don’t unsubscribe. […]

Minuteman High’s FY09 Budget Hearing

So far, Arlington’s five-year plan has been executed fairly closely. Health care costs have, on average, exceed the 7% ceiling, but the plan anticipated this by restricting the growth of salaries and expenses. The state aid hasn’t exactly lived up to expectations. But the biggest deviation from the plan has been the Minuteman Regional High. […]

Finance Committee – Senate Election Reserve Transfers

Finance Committee met tonight to review several reserve fund transfers. The committee has vacancies in precincts 6, 16, and 17. There is one applicant, and a couple possible 1-year fill-ins. Deadline is December 1 for applicants. Also, the Exec Secretary job has been posted. Anyone want a part-time job? There was a short discussion about […]

Finance Committee Organizational Meeting

Attention non-Arlington readers: Please do not panic! No more FinComm posts until January. I have a few blog posts perking in the back of my head, ranging from the Senate race to the Superintendent to presidential date qualifications. Riveting stuff, I tell you. Oh, and Red Sox angst. Lots of Red Sox angst. Tonight was […]

Finance Committee Approves Reserve Fund Transfers

(Black text is mostly objective, red text is mostly subjective in nature.) Finance Committee met tonight to review several transfers out of the reserve fund. Every year Town Meeting appropriates a few hundred thousand dollars into a reserve fund. The finance committee approves transfers out of the fund into regular budgets as requested by various […]

Finance Committee Revotes Article 52

Before Town Meeting the Finance Committee met. Several issues were discussed. In particular, Ron Spangler presented an amendment to Article 52 that modified the membership of the School Facilities Working Group. His amendment was accepted unanimously. The committee also discussed Bill Shea’s substitute motion for Article 52 that advocates rebuilding Thompson immediately. Mr. Shea was […]

Finance Committee Meeting – Article 18

Finance Committee met at 7:30 before Town Meeting.  Several items were discussed – upcoming reserve fund transfers, Town Meeting schedules, etc. The only topic that was formally discussed was Article 18.  After some discussion, the committee unanimously endorsed the Selectmen’s proposed vote.

Finance Committee on Veteran’s Rink

FinComm met at 7:30 and heard an update to the Veteran’s Rink budget. It wasn’t a big change, just a forgotten line item that we talked about but hadn’t included in the sheet. I voted against the budget as I had last month. The budget ignores the capital needs of the rink. The rink needs […]

FinCom Hears Article 26 Again

(Black text is mostly objective, red text is mostly subjective in nature.) Finance Committee met, as is customary, at 7:30 before Town Meeting. John Bilafer spoke to FinCom about it’s recommendation of no action on Article 26. I missed the very beginning so I’m not sure if he proposed a wording change or just a […]

Finance Committee Completes Report

(Black text is mostly objective, red text is mostly subjective in nature.) Tonight was the last meeting of FinCom before Town Meeting. (FinCom meets for 30 minutes before every town meeting session). First up was Superintendant Nate Levenson and CFO Susan Mazzarella to review the proposed School budget. Levenson walked through the budget rationale for […]