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Don’t Let the Door Hit You on the Way Out

DiMasi is resigning as speaker and quitting the General Court entirely.  Good riddance.  I’d like to publicly admit that I was wrong when I wrote about DiMasi earlier this month.  I thought he’d only quit after his indictment. I still think he’s going to be indicted.  I was wrong about the order of events. Now all […]

A Vote To Learn What Mass Democrats Are Made Of

On January 7th, the Democratic State Representatives of Massachusetts are going to choose the Speaker of the House for the ’09-’10 session of the General Court.  The incumbent and presumed winner is Speaker Sal DiMasi. Here’s the problem: The citizens of Massachusetts have witnessed a parade of scandal, corruption, and conspiracy from Mass Democrats.  Sal […]

Ethics Problem? What Ethics Problem?

The State House continues to underestimate the depth of its ethical quagmire.  A few of the current problems: Two Sentators indicted this year House Speaker DiMasi who won’t turn over documents to the Ethics Commission Waiting for one or more State Representatives to be indicted in the Dejavu affair Last week the state held an […]

The End of Wilkerson

Sen. Dianne Wilkerson appeared in court today on charges that she’s been taking bribes.  She already lost the Democratic primary and has been running a last-gasp write-in effort to retain her seat.  This headline should finally sink her ship. I’m not at all sorry to see her go.  I’ve been a critic of her for […]

Cops Blocking Road Work, Breaking Laws

Universal Hub points out the ongoing stupidity of the police unions on the civilian flagger issue.  NECN has video of “off duty cops harassing the flaggers, driving into oncoming traffic. . . the worksite temporarily shut down.” I can’t say I’m unhappy about these incredibly stupid protests.  If the police unions were playing this smarter, […]

Police Unions Win Battle While Losing War

Massachusetts is the only state that doesn’t have civilian flaggers at road construction sites.  It is the only state that has police for all street work.  Many have tried to change the policy, only to be thwarted by the unions’ clout in the legislature.  Governor Patrick forced a policy change through a regulation, avoiding the […]

Why I’m Voting for Jack Hurd

I’ve had the opportunity to both work with Jack Hurd and watch him from a distance. He’s a good person, an excellent listener, a good communicator, and wise in his decisions. I’m proud to support him for State Senate. I first watched Jack when I was new to Town Meeting, the spring of 2002, and […]

MBTA Police Website Reviewed

The Universal Hub has another story about photographers being harassed by the MBTA police. I’ve had it happen to me; I never got around to blogging about it. Suffice it to say there is a police report somewhere in MBTA land where it’s documented that I own a camera and I take pictures with it. […]

The Joys of Insurance Reform

Insurance reform is here! My 2005 Mustang is celebrating it’s third birthday this month. That means the annual insurance policy is up for renewal. The bill from the old company came in the mail – $1050. Every year before this one, I’d pay the bill and that would be the end of the story. There […]

Fun With Anagrams at Harvard

Mike Mennonno grabbed a good picture yesterday at Harvard.