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MBTA Transit Time Map

Cool new visualization, brought through a chain of blogs.  My long-time fave Universal Hub noted the launch of this new blog about mapping Boston.  Said new blog has a link to this visualization of travel times on the MBTA; make sure you click-and-drag your starting location to see the awesome. Rarely on the interwebs will […]

Red Line Train To Myself

I got to the Alewife platform this morning at about 11:10, as a train was pulling out. There was a second train there, empty, doors closed. It looked like it was going out if service. I waited on the platform with a few dozen others. Another train came in. Everyone unloaded.  Immediately, the loud departure […]

Sloshing Through Alewife

Alewife station is such a dump.  Every time it rains the lobby is littered with bowls, small trash barrels, and giant, rolling trash barrels, each centered under a leak.  Most of them are overflowing. I confess that I drove to Alewife today, rather than bike – the heavy rain turned me into a wuss.  At […]

Bike Rack at Alewife Fails at Two Weeks

With much fanfare, the MBTA announced the availablility of secure bike racks at Alewife station two weeks ago.  At the time I was guardedly optimistic, but worried about maintenance.  I should have know better; the MBTA can’t keep anything in working order.  How secure is a bike cage with a door that won’t close? I […]

MBTA Bike Racks at Alewife

The T blew up a few bike racks at Alewife over the summer. There has been construction activity at the old locations. There have been a lot of bikes locked to railings with the remaining bike racks overflowing. Today I rolled up to the remaining bike racks and a couple security guards were passing out […]

MBTA Police Website Reviewed

The Universal Hub has another story about photographers being harassed by the MBTA police. I’ve had it happen to me; I never got around to blogging about it. Suffice it to say there is a police report somewhere in MBTA land where it’s documented that I own a camera and I take pictures with it. […]

MBTA Screws Up (Repeatedly)

It’s hard for me to characterize the MBTA’s most recent insanity: Are they in denial about their security problems? Or are they so disconnected from reality that they think they can hide their security problems? Let’s explore the question. First, a review of recent events: Three MIT students study the MBTA’s security and prepare a […]

Red Line Expectations

Yesterday morning I woke up, rolled out of bed, and checked the news. was reporting a disabled train on the Longfellow Bridge, and lots of busing. Today the Globe has a story about the summer of discontent on the Red Line. Key quote from Lydia Rivera, a T spokeswoman: “People that choose to take […]