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MIT and Alpha Delta Phi and the Boston Globe

MIT is celebrating its 150th birthday this month.  For the last week, the Boston Globe and have been hyping up a special insert in today’s Globe, The 150 Ways MIT Has Made a Difference. A few notes from the insert: Colin Angle (#7) is a fraternity brother, as is Eran Egozy (#90), as is Jim […]

MBTA Screws Up (Repeatedly)

It’s hard for me to characterize the MBTA’s most recent insanity: Are they in denial about their security problems? Or are they so disconnected from reality that they think they can hide their security problems? Let’s explore the question. First, a review of recent events: Three MIT students study the MBTA’s security and prepare a […]

Jumper Cables for the Space Station

I came across this interesting article about the problems in the space station a few months ago.  Key points: You can’t count on a cable to heat itself if you put it by the dehumidifier. It’s worse if the dehumidifier is balky. It’s a bad idea to have your three-way redundant power system depend on […]

Five Injured on the Charles – MIT Prank?

First the Universal Hub told me that the Charles was flammable and I wondered what was going on. Later I read that the fire might be the result of MIT students and the annual sodium drop. In this post-9/11, post-Aqua-Teen-Hunger-Force world, how long can it be until Mayor Menino demands vengeance?  How soon until he […]

Some Decisions Look Even Better in Hindsight

Two years ago Dr. James Sherley became one of the hundreds of talented MIT professors who were denied tenure and sent packing.  Unlike most, he started on a hunger strike. I postulate: If someone thinks that a hunger strike is a good way to get tenure, they’re likely not a good candidate for tenure. I’ve […]

Quick! Activate Party Mode!

A high point of MIT geekdom.  Be sure to watch the party mode video.

I Wish I Was This Well Endowed

Boston Globe reports on college endowment returns. MIT earned 23% on $8.4B. I don’t really wish I had $8B, but it would be nice if I earned 23% on what I do have.