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Investment Advice from Lottery Winners

Commonwealth Magazine continues to be the most well-written, well-investigated publication covering Massachusetts. An article in the Winter edition described how the state is making extra money when lottery winners take a smaller lump-sum payout rather than the per-year option.  Why would these winners leave money on the table?  “Our players were not doing very well […]

On Being Right or Wrong

There’s no doubt that Twitter and Facebook have cut down on my blog output.  I feel like my friends and acquaintances are well aware of what I’m thinking and doing, and the urge to blog is easily overwhelmed by the day-to-day priorities.  I tend to blog only when my thoughts are too long to do justice […]

Graphing Gay Marriage

Nate Silver put a graph together that shows the progress of gay marriage around the world.  On a meta level, I like the data display – good use of color and stacked data. On a data level,it’s interesting, even down to the step-forward-step-backward details of California.  And on an emotional level, the trend is unignorable, […]

Ben Folds does Chat Roulette

This cracked me up. Musical improv. Naughty words, but “we edited the penises out.”

Canadians Win Gold In Synchronized Peeing

That blog post title was shamelessly lifted from Deadspin, who picked up the story (with a less-funny headline) from Pat’s Papers.  I really hope it’s not a hoax, because it’s a great example of data display. Check out the water consumption in the city of Edmonton during the Canada-US gold-medal hockey game:

Running the Boston Marathon for Autism

I know a handful of you read that title and said, “DAN IS GOING RUNNING?”  Don’t worry – I’m not that rash.  I’m just blogging about someone else who is actually doing the running. My friend Melisa Thorne (former colleague at eRoom) is doing the hard work.  She’s running in the Boston Marathon.  She’s running […]

How Much Do I Care About Amazon and Macmillan?

As I was reading my daily blog circuit, I asked myself, “How much do I care about this Amazon and Macmillan thing, anyway?”  After thinking it over for a while, I decided that I care quite a bit.  Enough for a blog post, even, and everyone knows that if it’s blog worthy, then it is […]

Remembering a Dog

This video made me cry. It’s the story of a man saying goodbye to his dog. Six minutes long, but it only needed two of those minutes to grab me. It took me back to January 2, 2006, when I had to do the same thing with Grizelda. I debated whether I should post this […]

Building a Rink on Fenway – Time Lapse

Totally cool – I love how Fenway looks so different. I think if you watch it on my blog you get to avoid their super-annoying advertisement when you watch it on

Four Videos

Brilliant, blog-worthy thoughts continue to elude me.  But I still come across some pretty good links, so I might as well share them.  Today is all video. First off, the melting bunny.  Weighing in at 2:36, it’s easily worth it.  My mother’s emailed comment is quite telling: “Although the net result was the same as […]