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Armed, Coordinated Bicycle Convoys Converge on City Hall

I’m biking to work tomorrow, but I won’t be in the convoy. 6:45AM is . . . not my cup of tea. More info from the City of Boston. RIDE INTO WORK WITH A POLICE ESCORT. July 25 and August 22 WHAT: SAFE, GUIDED CONVOYS WITH POLICE ESCORT Lead by experienced cyclists and escorted by […]

Product Review: DeFeet Slipstream Bike Shoe Covers

This year I changed my bike from plastic toe “cages” to actual clip-in bike shoes. I’ve been liking it. However, last month I biked to work in 35 degree weather and my toes nearly froze off! The clip-in shoes are much better ventilated and therefore much colder than my regular sneakers were. So, I asked […]