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A Fantastic Wedding

First, a story: when my brother was married, he avoided the wedding planning like the plague.  I was totally with him on this – I can’t imagine fretting about the details. He did offer one suggestion, the entrance music for the newly married couple at the reception.  His wife-to-be, whom I love dearly, was happy […]

Remembering Grandma

My father’s father was the first of my grandparents to die.  I remember snippets and images of him, but nothing of his personality.  He died when I was young.  I remember his funeral, but didn’t really understand what it meant. My father’s mother was next.  She died while I was in college, a few months […]

A Toy for All Ages

After my grandfather died, my grandmother was ready to get rid of a lot of the “stuff” the family had accumulated in the 65 years they’d lived in the house on Abbott road.  I would visit my grandmother and she’d tell me to “Pick something and take.  Find something you like and take it with […]

Betty Dunn for Town Clerk (Windham, NH)

My mother is running for Town Clerk in Windham.  She’s on the ballot against the long-time incumbent and the incumbent’s deputy.  She’s got a website up, Betty Dunn for Town Clerk.  On the site she articulates why she’s the right woman for the job.  Please give it a read and contact her with any questions. […]

Say Uncle

Congratulations to Tim and Christi who made me an uncle this morning. His name is Nolan Harris Dunn. He came a little early but is doing fine, as is Christi.

Paul F. Lawler November 12, 1913 – August 27, 2007

My grandfather died on Monday. I’ve had a couple of draft posts about his illness, his care, and the way it has affected me and my family. I may publish them later, who knows. Below is the text of the pamphlet at his wake. Read it, please, and see what an amazing life he had. […]

Jeremy’s Birthday

Afterwards, Jeremy and I went to Mom’s house. You can see that she has a very large puddle in the front yard. Water in the front yard tends to go into the basement unless it is piped into the back yard. The problem is that the drainage pipe was still frozen solid. The front yard’s […]

Mom’s 60th Birthday

On January 7th, my mom turned 60. My brothers, some of my mom’s friends and I had a surprise birthday party for her. … See more photos

Thanksgiving 2006

Thanksgiving was the annual trip to Dedham to my grandparents’ house. The usual suspects were there. Uncle John stole the show with dessert – a three-layer cake that looked like a turkey. See my Tabblo