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Investment Advice from Lottery Winners

Commonwealth Magazine continues to be the most well-written, well-investigated publication covering Massachusetts. An article in the Winter edition described how the state is making extra money when lottery winners take a smaller lump-sum payout rather than the per-year option.  Why would these winners leave money on the table?  “Our players were not doing very well […]

Ben Folds does Chat Roulette

This cracked me up. Musical improv. Naughty words, but “we edited the penises out.”

The Landlord From Hell

Mike sent over this link today. It’s a hysterical read. Start from the bottom and read up, then read page 1.  It’ll take a few minutes, but the humor is there from the beginning.

Zombie Alert System Testing Fine

Universal Hub remains my best blog read of the day.  Sometimes I feel silly reposting the best-of-UH, but until my friends tell me they’re reading UH too, I’ll keep passing on these gems.  Earlier in the week, UH shared this exchange on Twitter:           Someone in the police department has retained […]

An Ode to Red Sox 2008 at the Plate

This guy’s pretty funny. If you don’t have the patience for the full 2:29, use this link to skip to the 1:47 mark and watch the Youkilis impression. Found via The Red Seat on Facebook.

Truth in Advertising

Found via Jay and idly. I actually drive an American car, so I don’t think they’re all shitty.  But the point stands.  When I work for a company that can’t sell enough product to stay alive, I expect the company to go bankrupt and I expect to lose my job.  Seems straightforward enough to me.

Caption Required

Saturday night on Newbury Street in Boston.

HubSpot Says: You Oughta Know Inbound Marketing

HubSpot takes me back to 1995 with their remake of Alanis Morrissette’s “You Oughta Know.”  This time, it’s not the cries of a jilted lover, but the desperate pleas of the cold-calling salesperson.  HubSpot is all about having your customers find you, rather than you having to find your customers. Anyway, the video is wicked […]

Nice Aim

This gem via Matt Drake. Now, I know that I’m prone to get lost, but I’ve never been this bad.  My friends Heather (UNC) and Brian (Duke) are going to argue about whose fault it is for days.

See You At the Debates, Bitches

I’m pretty much the last person in the world you’d expect to put Paris Hilton on my blog. But this is actually funny. See <a href=”” mce_href=””>Paris Hilton Responds to McCain Ad</a> and more <a href=”” mce_href=””>funny videos</a> on <a href=”” mce_href=””></a>