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Archive for 'Humor'

Arlington Party on YouTube

I was pointed to some really random Arlington content today. The first commenter on YouTube sums it up pretty well: “Micah you’ve really outdone yourself on this one…you strange, strange man you.” How did I come across this link? This German guy emailed another German guy who emailed this guy who lived in Arlington who […]

Garfield, not FinComm

Several friends have told me that as they read this blog, when they see Finance Committee, the press delete. I’m fine with that – I know it’s not for everyone. I also have people who tell me that they rely on my FinComm and Town Meeting notes. Many of them couldn’t care less (or just […]

No, I’m Not Voting for Huckabee

But his Chuck Norris endorsement ad cracks me up, so I’ll put it up on my blog for free.

Sox Fans Don’t Wave Socks

I’m back from game 6, and it was great. The fans were electric from pitch one. They jumped on Carmona’s troubles right away. I’ve never chanted “Faust-oooo” before, but it felt good. I’ll do it again. I didn’t pick J. D. Drew as the hero, but I’ll take it. Game 7 tomorrow. I like the […]

What Is the Cambridge Chronicle’s Muzzle Velocity When Fired From the Cannon of Journalism?

Blue Mass Group linked to a rather plaintive letter to the editor from the Mayor of Cambridge.  The mayor confuses canons and cannons.  Read the BMG comments; I crack myself up.

The Globe Drops Opus Again

For the second time, the Globe declined to run Opus in the Sunday comic pages.  No explanation.  No comic.  The good news is that through the magic of the internet, we all can see what the Globe was so loathe to put on our doorsteps.. Admit it.  You can’t figure out what the problem is.  […]

Religion Jokes Make the Globe Nervous

So nervous, in fact, that they decided to pull Sunday’s Opus comic. I don’t see why they pulled it – it seems pretty tame to me. It looks to me like the Globe is getting weak in the knees. Universal Hub clued me in. I never would have known otherwise.

Another Great Web Comic

So little time, so many great web comics.  Today’s addition to my RSS feed: Basic Instructions.

Bush butt probed, Cheney in charge

My friends and I often play a game called “Real or Onion?” One person posts a headline, and the rest of us have to guess if it’s a real headline or one from the Onion. Today’s entry was real.

How Your Computer’s Mouse Really Works

An animation of how your mouse works.  Found via Soxaholix.