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Archive for 'Humor'

Prank 11 delivers another gem.  Make sure you let your mouse hover over the comic image and read the tooltip.

Tom Brady Fathahed Ubah-Team

This YouTube video is not safe for work. It’s also not safe for people who are distressed by frequent swearing, loud belches, and adult-themed humor. It is for you if you want to know “what ‘300’ would be like if it had been cast entirely with guys from Charlestown who like to drink beer.” I […]

Get a First Life

This is only funny if you know what Second Life is.

Windows 386 Saves The Day

A friend from work sent this one along. You’ll need Google’s video client to view it. As the poster put it, “Microsoft sent this tape to retailers to explain the benefits of Windows 386. Boring until the 7 minute mark when the production is taken over by crack-smoking monkeys.” It’s easy to fast forward to […]

Gifts for the Annoying Child in Your Life

I was pointed to this wicked funny article about the 10 most dangerous gifts of the last few decades. I’m sad to say that I never owned any of them. My neighbor had Jarts, though, and I loved them. Then I sent a Jart through the neighbor’s pool cover. No more Jarts for me.

Babes Bearing Brats

Two quality posts for you to read. The first is about Fitchburg’s Frank Flinging Felon and the follow up covers Link Lobbing Ladies.

Yes, It Blends!

The best links on the web have the word “unsafe“. My favorite is “Cochiken.” I loved the theme music the first time. By the 5th video I was annoyed. Great marketing, no doubt.

Maybe I Can Play the Piano Too

It’s great when someone filters the internet for you, isn’t it?  A friend linked this one for me.  It’s work safe.  You need speakers to appreciate it.  And it’s three minutes long.

Catch and Release

Yesterday’s lead headline in the Arlington Advocate: Sting Nets 3 Prostitutes And on the Arlington email list, Gabe Weiss writes the story: “I had to throw them back,” explained the rock star. “They were kinda small.”

I Don’t Have a Daughter

And that’s why I think this is funny, and many of my friends won’t. I think the best part is the $100 in “Dance Dollars.”