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A week without a post.  Ugh!  Here are the excuses, perhaps as a form of update: I’ve been spending a lot of time at Lambda Phi of Alpha Delta Phi.  I’m delighted to report they got 19 pledges. A fair amount of time at work.  Finished Sprint 2, kicked off Sprint 3. Three Red Sox […]

Posting From the iPhone

At the same time the new iPhone was released, they made it possible to write apps fir the iPhone (every iPhone user knows this, but not all of my readers are techies). One of the apps is a WordPress app. This post is written and published in my iPhone. It looks like I can’t do […]

US Senate Bill 1: Registering Bloggers

There’s a bill moving through the Senate updating the requirements and restrictions for lobbyists. The update includes a section that affects certain bloggers. I have contacted my senators asking them to join the oppostion to the blogger section, and I encourage you to do the same. The change is aimed at bloggers that receive money […]

New Link: Juddmansees

My friends Brian Judd and Susan Woodmansee have started a blog where they discuss All Things Juddmansee. Brian kicked things off yesterday with a run-down on the 2006 hiking season. I think they should be complimented on their clean, readable, and elegant blog design.

New Tabblo Feature: Blog Badges

You recall that I was testing a new feature on Tuesday when the sprinkler disaster occured.  We released it last night – only a 24 hour or so delay.  Antonio blogged about it on the Tabblo blog.  You can see mine on the left-hand side of the page.  And – you can make your own!

Ignore the Harpoon Tabblo Post

If you read this by coming to my website, you can ignore this message. For those of you with RSS readers, please ignore the last post I just made. I was testing some new Tabblo feature stuff, and I inadvertantly published a link to our test environment. You’d be really bummed if you made a […]

New Look and Feel

For the last three years, I’ve built this website by typing HTML by hand. No wizzy-wig editors, no composers, nothing – if I couldn’t figure out how to code it, I didn’t do it. I did it that way partly as a way to keep the website clean and simple, and partly as a learning […]