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Building a Rink on Fenway – Time Lapse

Totally cool – I love how Fenway looks so different. I think if you watch it on my blog you get to avoid their super-annoying advertisement when you watch it on

Timmy Wakefield

I went to the Sox game on Tuesday with Karl.  It was a nice night with great weather.  We sat next to a nice woman who had last been to the park to see Yastremski, in 1979.  And Tim Wakefield pitched a gem.  He gave up one run in 8 innings, and the game lasted only […]

An Ode to Red Sox 2008 at the Plate

This guy’s pretty funny. If you don’t have the patience for the full 2:29, use this link to skip to the 1:47 mark and watch the Youkilis impression. Found via The Red Seat on Facebook.

Truck Day

Today was Truck Day.  I rooted through my closet this morning and carefully chose what to wear.  The Red Sox red socks that Aunt Ellen gave me were guaranteed.  First try was the 2004 long-sleeve shirt with my Youk game jersey over it.  Turned out the jersey had some beer stains (how did those get […]

Watching the Red Sox Clinch

I’ve had multiple requests about Monday’s game. I don’t think I could describe it, couldn’t do it justice. I got enough requests that  I’ll give it a try. I’ll set the stage a bit by saying that I was at Sunday’s game, the loss, the night before.  That was a long, slow, game, but dramatic and […]

The Parrot in the Red Sox Bullpen

For reasons that defy logic, the most popular post on my blog my post from last summer about the parrot in the Red Sox bullpen.  I’m not one to argue.  I people love the parrot, they love the parrot.  Here’s a parrot update: The parrot has been absent all year.  I saw 20ish games, and […]

Maybe This Explains Tuesday’s Dinger

Everybody else in the Red Sox world has probably seen this already, but I’m just digging out my inbox, and I only saw it today. Papelbon in a high school talent show.  It needs to be seen.


A week without a post.  Ugh!  Here are the excuses, perhaps as a form of update: I’ve been spending a lot of time at Lambda Phi of Alpha Delta Phi.  I’m delighted to report they got 19 pledges. A fair amount of time at work.  Finished Sprint 2, kicked off Sprint 3. Three Red Sox […]

So Long, Manny

So long, Manny, and thanks for the trophies.  I was at that train wreck of a game last night, and while I knew intellectually that it might be Manny’s last, I didn’t believe it.  In retrospect I wish I’d watched him a bit more closely, just to squeeze the last drops out of the Manny […]

That Was Awful

I’ve been to hundreds of Red Sox games (really, hundreds – you do 10 to 50 games for 18 years, and it adds up). I can’t remember a game as pathetic as tonight’s. I’ve seen worse pitching before. Beckett wasn’t awful, just not good. I’ve seen worse hitting before. There were some hits, and I’ve […]