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I’m Not Going to Miss Lugo

I was at the game on Friday. The Red Sox lost.  I swear I’m the only one on the planet this year who has seen more Red Sox losses than wins in Fenway this year. Late in the game, Lugo came up lame and staggered over first. I confess a little bit of me (ok, […]

Me and the Trophy

Shortly after I got back from Japan I got the flu; it was the sickest I’ve been in my adult memory. One of the casualties of that illness were the pictures – I never got around to organizing and posting them. Check this one out. If I get enough feedback, maybe I’ll be inspired to […]

Masterson Looking Good

I had a great time at the game last night. Justin Masterson was fun to watch. Midway through the second inning as we were watching him just mow them down, my friend asked why Masterson was still down in AA with such good stuff. I answered that sometimes pitchers at that level have great stuff […]

Visualizing Manny’s Dingers

Josh, a colleague from work, pointed out this totally cool interactive display of Manny’s chase for 500 home runs. A significant portion of my job is dredging pools of data for insights that we can use to change our business. After I dredge it, it’s equally important that I share it. It’s one of those […]

Kirby’s First Red Sox Game

See my Tabblo

Worst Rain Delay Ever

I went to the Sox-Yankees game this afternoon. At first I thought the game would be rained out, then I thought it would be wet, then the sun came out. Shows what I know. It was very humid – dank, really. The temperature was in the 50s, but the air was hazy and you could […]

Ticket In Tokyo

Here I go! I’m giddy.

Bleacher Seats

. Tonight I got home late, and as I parked my car I saw big boxes sitting next to the garage.  What could they be? … See the rest at Tabblo


Sunday night I was excited and tense.  If I’m destined to have a stroke, it will happen during a Red Sox game.  When it was done, I was elated, delighted, ecstatic, and lots of other words.  I screamed at the street, high-fived my friends, and played Dropkick Murphy’s at a volume of 11.  I called […]

Sox Fans Don’t Wave Socks

I’m back from game 6, and it was great. The fans were electric from pitch one. They jumped on Carmona’s troubles right away. I’ve never chanted “Faust-oooo” before, but it felt good. I’ll do it again. I didn’t pick J. D. Drew as the hero, but I’ll take it. Game 7 tomorrow. I like the […]