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One Down, Ten to Go

I had a ton of fun watching the Red Sox win 4-0 over the Angel’s tonight. I watched at Flat Top Johnny’s in Cambridge, where I watched much of 2004. I could write pages about Beckett – he was just great, going after batters, first-pitch strikes, etc. I wouldn’t have brought him out in the […]

Red Sox Magic Number

This site has all the information you need.

What is Up With the Parrot In the Red Sox Bullpen?

My season tickets are right behind the Red Sox bullpen. I watch the players play their games with the sunflower seeds, I watch their punch-it-in-rituals, I watch Papelbon’s glove. Tonight there was something new. Why is there a stuffed parrot in the Red Sox bullpen?

Baseball Fans: Read This Blog

My friend Grant Smith finished his grad degree at the London School of Economics and is taking the summer to travel the US in style.  If you have any love for baseball, read his blog.  If you don’t love baseball, it’s OK.  It’s better than being a Yankees fan.

The Perilous Product Launch (Or, How Your Employees Might Sabotage the Launch)

Fenway Park’s concession stands were sporting a new technological gadget when they opened this year. Every cash register was fitted with a MasterCard PayPass reader. It’s like the Mobil Speedpass. Just wave your credit card (or key chain fob) near the reader, and the transaction is done. For transactions under $25 (like buying a pretzel […]

Youkilis Rules

David Ortiz Wounds Badminton Champion

OK, so maybe I’m exaggerating. It’s still funny. Found via BallHype.

I Should Be in Fenway Right Now

But it’s pouring out.  So I’m reading sports blogs instead.  Ballhype points to this quality post from Mnookin on Deadspin.  I wish I had seen that game.

Opening Day at Fenway

Opening Day at Fenway today. It was a great game – not in the baseball purist sense, but great for the home team. Lots of runs made it almost academic early. Beckett pitched pretty well, too, thought it was overshadowed by the offense. … See my Tabblo

Matsuzaka says: Just Do It

After months of hype and excitement, tomorrow Dice-K takes the mound. I’m really looking forward to it. Of course, I’m not the only one. Lots of people in Japan are going to be awake at 2AM their time to see his first pitch. Me, I’ll just be at work, trying not to be too distracted. […]