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Canadians Win Gold In Synchronized Peeing

That blog post title was shamelessly lifted from Deadspin, who picked up the story (with a less-funny headline) from Pat’s Papers.  I really hope it’s not a hoax, because it’s a great example of data display. Check out the water consumption in the city of Edmonton during the Canada-US gold-medal hockey game:

An Ode to Red Sox 2008 at the Plate

This guy’s pretty funny. If you don’t have the patience for the full 2:29, use this link to skip to the 1:47 mark and watch the Youkilis impression. Found via The Red Seat on Facebook.

Perfect Gift for the Detroit Lion Fan

We all know someone who still cheers for the Lions.  It’s a tough thing to do these days.  Show your support for your depressed fan.  Go on to and buy them an offical Detroit Lions Barf Bucket!  

What Really Happened in China

The Olymipcs are over, and too many opinion writers and bloggers are feeling all warm and fuzzy about China.  These writers have managed to ignore what was happening in China while they were busy oohing at the fireworks an aahing at the pomp and sighing at the telegenic smiles of the athletes.  What really happened: […]

If the Patriots Lose on Sunday

If the Patriots lose on Sunday, I will hold the Boston Globe accountable.  Some things should not be done!

A Very Few Words About Barry Bonds

I have deliberately avoided talking about Barry Bonds because I haven’t thought that he deserved noticing. Where there is hype, arguing that it is overhyped just contributes to the hype. Silence is your best weapon. Now, I’m ready to talk about Barry Bonds. I don’t think he broke the record. He took steroids. They were […]