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Campaign Nuts and Bolts

As I’m sure you remember, I’m running for Selectman. There’s not a lot of definitive guidance I’ve found about running a legal campaign for municipal campaign.  I’ve slogged my way through a fair amount of it the last few weeks, so I figured I’d write it up here for future interested candidates. The first is […]

On Being Right or Wrong

There’s no doubt that Twitter and Facebook have cut down on my blog output.  I feel like my friends and acquaintances are well aware of what I’m thinking and doing, and the urge to blog is easily overwhelmed by the day-to-day priorities.  I tend to blog only when my thoughts are too long to do justice […]

Why I’m Voting for Deval Patrick

I didn’t vote for Deval Patrick four years ago.  I kinda liked the guy, but I expected four more years of standard Beacon Hill special interest protection, waste, and corruption.  I have been delighted and surprised by the kind of governor that he’s turned out to be. Do you own a car?  Have you noticed […]

Graphing Gay Marriage

Nate Silver put a graph together that shows the progress of gay marriage around the world.  On a meta level, I like the data display – good use of color and stacked data. On a data level,it’s interesting, even down to the step-forward-step-backward details of California.  And on an emotional level, the trend is unignorable, […]

Why I’m Not Voting For Scott Brown

So on Tuesday Massachusetts will have its first open Senate election since 1984.  A 26 year wait, and this is the best crop of candidates we can come up with? Kinda depressing, if you ask me. The candidate I’m most passionate about is Scott Brown – and why he should never be a US senator. […]

New Year, Same State House Criminals

I was watching state Senator Galluccio’s legal problems as 2009 drew to a close, and I cynically was thinking to myself about how my post would be different if he made it to 2010 before he resigned.  And he did make it to 2010, making half of my lines obsolete.  Multiple arrests, multiple innocent victims […]

Choosing Massachusett’s Next Senator

Ted Kennedy is dead, and that is all I have to say on the topic of Ted Kennedy.  But the questions of who will succeed him and how that person will be selected – now those are things I can write about. The last time the Republicans won a Senate seat in Massachusetts was 1972: […]

New Chapter in the DiMasi Story

Today former Massachusetts House Speaker Sal DiMasi was indicted for “conspiracy, honest services mail fraud, aiding and abetting, and honest services wire fraud” related to the awarding of a multi-million dollar contract to Cognos software. For most of us, this isn’t a shock.  The Globe has been writing investigative stories about this for a year […]

Dick Cheney Is Trying To Sell You A Rock

Dick Cheney has been actively defending his administration’s policies.  He knows (I think) that those policies were soundly rejected by the American people last year, but that hasn’t stopped him from trying to convince everyone that he was right.  Maybe he’s making his case for the historians? One of his repeated themes is that the […]

Guns, Booze, Kids, and Credit Cards

Imagine for a moment that you’re an 18-year-old US citizen.  By law, you can: buy a gun get married have kids join the military go to war You cannot: buy a beer get a credit card That latest entry is a new one.  It’s one of the not-very-publicized sections of the credit card reform act […]