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What About the Other $169,835,000,000?

I’ve been getting more and more annoyed as the AIG bonus scandal has cranked up into a hysterical tornado of indignant politicians performing before the similarly self-indulgent press corp.  Let’s take a step back and look at what’s happened so far. The government has handed over $170 billion to AIG.  That’s $170,000,000,000. Less than .1% […]

Alpha Delta Phi v. Fred Phelps

I worked for my fraternity, Alpha Delta Phi, for a couple years in the mid-90’s.  Our chapter at the University of Chicago was coming through a rough period back then, and I spent many an evening there talking to officers, giving advice at chapter meetings, and working with alumni.  And I made some life-long friends […]

Betty Dunn for Town Clerk (Windham, NH)

My mother is running for Town Clerk in Windham.  She’s on the ballot against the long-time incumbent and the incumbent’s deputy.  She’s got a website up, Betty Dunn for Town Clerk.  On the site she articulates why she’s the right woman for the job.  Please give it a read and contact her with any questions. […]

Real or Onion: Mass Hires Spending Czar

My friends and I play a silly game online.  We send each other news headlines on instant messenger under the headline of “Real or Onion.”  To win, you have to fool your opponent into mis-classifying the headline.  “Congressman Wants to Talk with Rodriguez” – it’s real, on right now.  “Genetic  Experiment Goes Horribly Right” […]

Tweeting the Governor

I got an email Friday that Governor Deval Patrick was going to visit the CIC (a bit more on the CIC).  I knew the governor was on Twitter (I was one of the first 25 people to follow him @massgovernor).  So, I sent him a tweet and asked him to stop by!  I wasn’t the only […]

Don’t Let the Door Hit You on the Way Out

DiMasi is resigning as speaker and quitting the General Court entirely.  Good riddance.  I’d like to publicly admit that I was wrong when I wrote about DiMasi earlier this month.  I thought he’d only quit after his indictment. I still think he’s going to be indicted.  I was wrong about the order of events. Now all […]

A Vote To Learn What Mass Democrats Are Made Of

On January 7th, the Democratic State Representatives of Massachusetts are going to choose the Speaker of the House for the ’09-’10 session of the General Court.  The incumbent and presumed winner is Speaker Sal DiMasi. Here’s the problem: The citizens of Massachusetts have witnessed a parade of scandal, corruption, and conspiracy from Mass Democrats.  Sal […]

The Next Senator From New York

I’m not a New Yorker.  This post is about sticking my nose in someone else’s business.  That said, this is just an opinion, and Governor Paterson is free to disregard it; he doesn’t even have to worry about me voting against him. My mother asked me last week about what I thought of Caroline Kennedy […]

Ethics Problem? What Ethics Problem?

The State House continues to underestimate the depth of its ethical quagmire.  A few of the current problems: Two Sentators indicted this year House Speaker DiMasi who won’t turn over documents to the Ethics Commission Waiting for one or more State Representatives to be indicted in the Dejavu affair Last week the state held an […]

The End of Wilkerson

Sen. Dianne Wilkerson appeared in court today on charges that she’s been taking bribes.  She already lost the Democratic primary and has been running a last-gasp write-in effort to retain her seat.  This headline should finally sink her ship. I’m not at all sorry to see her go.  I’ve been a critic of her for […]