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MIT and Alpha Delta Phi and the Boston Globe

MIT is celebrating its 150th birthday this month.  For the last week, the Boston Globe and have been hyping up a special insert in today’s Globe, The 150 Ways MIT Has Made a Difference. A few notes from the insert: Colin Angle (#7) is a fraternity brother, as is Eran Egozy (#90), as is Jim […]

Creating a Memristor

Antonio linked to this story by the inventor of the memristor.  Antonio raved, but I was dubious – how interesting could a multi-year lab research project into circuits be?  Antonio was right – very interesting article. It also does prove that in some corners of HP, there is interesting stuff going on, my personal experience […]

The Usefulness of Twitter

I started Twitter the way many people do: by mocking it.  “Why would anyone want to know what I’m having for breakfast?”  After enough positive reviews, I figured what’s the harm in giving it a try?  I tried. It moved from “try” to an interesting experiment to a real medium.  I have more regular Twitter […]

Posting From the iPhone

At the same time the new iPhone was released, they made it possible to write apps fir the iPhone (every iPhone user knows this, but not all of my readers are techies). One of the apps is a WordPress app. This post is written and published in my iPhone. It looks like I can’t do […]

MBTA Screws Up (Repeatedly)

It’s hard for me to characterize the MBTA’s most recent insanity: Are they in denial about their security problems? Or are they so disconnected from reality that they think they can hide their security problems? Let’s explore the question. First, a review of recent events: Three MIT students study the MBTA’s security and prepare a […]

Oh, Bloglines

Bloglines is down right now.  Has been for at least an hour.  I can’t read about the election, my friends, local news, professional info, humor, etc.  It’s turned into one of those “holy cow, I use this tool every day, WHAT WOULD I DO IF IT WAS REALLY GONE!” moments.  I hadn’t realized how much […]

Your Laptop Data Security

A few months ago I scanned some news article that talked about the vulnerability of reading memory chips even after the computer has been turned off. I thought it was an interesting idea, but didn’t look at it deeper. Then I saw this YouTube video from CITP at Princeton. You don’t have to be a […]

Visualizing Manny’s Dingers

Josh, a colleague from work, pointed out this totally cool interactive display of Manny’s chase for 500 home runs. A significant portion of my job is dredging pools of data for insights that we can use to change our business. After I dredge it, it’s equally important that I share it. It’s one of those […]

The Universal Hub (Blog, not City)

I’ve mentioned before how much I enjoy reading the Universal Hub every day.  I’ve also mentioned how I respect and admire the work that MassINC does on the Commonwealth magazine.  When Commonwealth writes about the Universal Hub, how could I not link to the excellent article? Commonwealth hits some key points about UH.  It’s not […]

Rock Band (Guitar Hero) posted this video on its job site. The bit is about Harmonix. Harmonix’s famous because it created Guitar Hero I and II, and now Rock Band (Guitar Hero III is from Activision, which is a whole ‘nother story). interviewed Eran Egozy. Eran is a co-founder of the company, a fraternity brother, and a […]