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Converting MS Money to Quicken – Intuit Falls Down

The short version: Quicken says it can convert MS Money files to Quicken, but it can’t. The Quicken support team can’t help you. The long version: Like many post-college types, I had problems keeping track of my finances. I found that Quicken really helped. I think I started in 1998. I’ve tracked everything since then […]

An Exceptionally Simple Theory of Everything

I’m pretty far from my physics classes, but I still track the “science news” here and there.  Garrett Lisi has written a paper that, on the face of it, links the “Standard Model” of the universe with gravity.  If the paper turns out to be right, (and the jury is still out), that would fill […]

iPhone as iBrick

I never actually posted about it, but I got an iPhone. I didn’t wait in line or anything crazy like that, but the Saturday after the launch I picked one up at the Cambridgeside Galleria. I’ve really liked it. The UI is very slick. The screen is gorgeous. Feature-wise, it’s been very nice to have […]

The Perilous Product Launch (Or, How Your Employees Might Sabotage the Launch)

Fenway Park’s concession stands were sporting a new technological gadget when they opened this year. Every cash register was fitted with a MasterCard PayPass reader. It’s like the Mobil Speedpass. Just wave your credit card (or key chain fob) near the reader, and the transaction is done. For transactions under $25 (like buying a pretzel […]

Why HP Bought Tabblo

The New York Times ran an article today about how HP’s printing group is working on making it easier to print from the web. I’ve had many friends ask me about the details of HP buying Tabblo.  I’ve given a number of different cagey, redacted responses because I didn’t know how much was public and […]

I Can Spend Hours On This

The web provides such powerful ways to display data, and I’m delighted when people take advantage of this.  It looks like this one came out almost a year ago, but it’s new to me – and maybe new to you. Gapminder let’s you look at various statistics about countries.  It’s incredibly rich.  Press play and […]

ITAC Milestone

On Thursday the Arlington Information Technology Advisory Committee reached a significant milestone. We’ve been working for more than a year on a “technology needs assessment.” We interviewed department heads, town employees, and citizens, wrote reports, collated data, and synthesized common themes. Without claiming that it’s finished, we reached a point where we could share the […]

Which Is More Expensive: The Computer, or The Power?

Brad Feld linked to this interesting article.  After reading for a bit, I can see that this isn’t news, but it’s news to me. Depending on your computer and your power costs, you might be paying more in electricity (operation and cooling) for your computer than you did in the actual purchase of it.