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Missing Bobby Mac

Earlier this year, my friend Bobby Mac, aka Robert MacMurray, passed away from pancreatic cancer.   It is very sad,,and a loss to my fraternity and to Arlington.  He served them both in different ways that ended up being very similar in the end.  He made people better. An Arlington rider, Anke Shafer, is working […]

Leaf Blowers – My Remarks

These are my draft remarks for tonight’s discussion of Article 2 at Town Meeting.  See the recommended vote on the town website. Kevin Greeley wishes that he could be here with us and he sends his regrets. He had surgery on Saturday, and I’m happy to report that he is recovering well. To frame this […]

Ending the Drought

This video is as good a reason as any to break my posting drought. I want to bring them into the office to play Beirut.

Why I’m Voting for Jack Hurd

I’ve had the opportunity to both work with Jack Hurd and watch him from a distance. He’s a good person, an excellent listener, a good communicator, and wise in his decisions. I’m proud to support him for State Senate. I first watched Jack when I was new to Town Meeting, the spring of 2002, and […]

Donnelly or Hurd?

The post title poses a question for you. Democrats and independents in Arlington, Burlington, Billerica, and parts of Woburn and Lexington have a choice of who to vote for in the Democratic primary on Tuesday, September 16th. Which candidate will you vote for? I’ve already made up my mind. I’m not going to talk about […]

Masterson Looking Good

I had a great time at the game last night. Justin Masterson was fun to watch. Midway through the second inning as we were watching him just mow them down, my friend asked why Masterson was still down in AA with such good stuff. I answered that sometimes pitchers at that level have great stuff […]

Post in the Morning

Ran out of gas.  Will post notes from Town Meeting tomorrow.

Fearmonger in Chief

A co-worker pointed me to this colorful description of the “Protect America Act.”  I don’t endorse his partisan rhetoric, but it is nonetheless a good exposition of the foolishness of the PAA and the deplorable tactics employed by the current administration. While we’re on the topic: Why on earth is the Senate granting immunity to […]

Why I’m Not Voting for Hillary Clinton

I don’t think I’ve ever voted in a meaningful presidential primary. I’ve assumed that my primary vote wouldn’t matter unless I moved back to New Hampshire. But here I am, 10 days away from the primary, and the outcome is in question for both parties. I’m a registered Democrat these days (I know that’s news […]

Putting Mom’s Dock In

Mom’s boat is coming out of storage tomorrow.  Only one problem: no dock to tie the boat to.  So the sons assembled to put the dock in the water…. See more at Tabblo