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French Toast Alert is Orange

Adam at Universal Hub is doing his best to prepare the region. As much as I love snow, the forecast has killed my Friday night plans.  I am not amused.

Weather Note from Mount Washington

While we’ve been enjoying our beatiful fall weather, here comes a note from the north.  And not the Far North – from just 150 miles, a three-hour car ride north, comes the first snow of the year.  There’s enough snow on Mt. Washington to take out the snowboard. I hurriedly put on my plastic boots, […]

Weather on Mt. Washington

Most of you know that I enjoy experiencing the extremes of weather – particularly when those are the winter extremes. I’ve always been fascinated by Mt. Washington in particular. I remember being a freshman in 1990 and finding that I could get up-to-the-hour weather updates from the mountain, and configured my Athena account to tell […]