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MBTA Transit Time Map

Cool new visualization, brought through a chain of blogs.  My long-time fave Universal Hub noted the launch of this new blog about mapping Boston.  Said new blog has a link to this visualization of travel times on the MBTA; make sure you click-and-drag your starting location to see the awesome. Rarely on the interwebs will […]

Sound and Sight

Today I bring you four of your most mellow minutes of the day.  It’s a video by Stomacher.  The song is nice, sorta beautiful, but the video is gorgeous.  Stunning timelapses of nature and urban area, one after another.  Put on the headphones, click the little arrows to fill your screen, and enjoy. Stomacher – […]

Ben Folds does Chat Roulette

This cracked me up. Musical improv. Naughty words, but “we edited the penises out.”

The Taste of Star Wars

Everyday, I marvel at wonders of the internet.  Today’s is extra special, because apparently hundreds of thousands of Germans watch this for the fun of it.

Canadians Win Gold In Synchronized Peeing

That blog post title was shamelessly lifted from Deadspin, who picked up the story (with a less-funny headline) from Pat’s Papers.  I really hope it’s not a hoax, because it’s a great example of data display. Check out the water consumption in the city of Edmonton during the Canada-US gold-medal hockey game:


Totally cool video here of an Atlas V launch.  The first 30 seconds are pointless, the next 60 seconds are interesting, and the 1:30-2:00 are just awesome. Hit the little button in the lower-right and watch it full screen.

How Much Do I Care About Amazon and Macmillan?

As I was reading my daily blog circuit, I asked myself, “How much do I care about this Amazon and Macmillan thing, anyway?”  After thinking it over for a while, I decided that I care quite a bit.  Enough for a blog post, even, and everyone knows that if it’s blog worthy, then it is […]

Building a Rink on Fenway – Time Lapse

Totally cool – I love how Fenway looks so different. I think if you watch it on my blog you get to avoid their super-annoying advertisement when you watch it on

Spectacular Video

I saw this video a few days ago and thought it was cool.  This week, I found myself showing it to people.  It got in my head – the crazy visuals, the era-changing, the costumes, the makeup, the closing picture – just nuts.  I’m not actually a fan of the music.  It’s all about the […]


YAPD – Yet Another Posting Drought.  When all else fails, post a cool YouTube video someone sent you.  Here’s the luckiest pedestrian around: