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A Little Known Fact. . . .

Shortly after John McCain selected Sarah Palin as his running mate, a little riot erupted on Twitter. Little Known Fact: Sarah Palin once bit the head off a live Osprey snatched from the air as it tried to fly off with a fish she caught. I have no idea where it started, but it took […]

HubSpot In The News

The press is full of HubSpot today.  It’s all very exciting until Obama announces his VP choice and sucks every bit of oxygen out of the press cycle.  Until then, it’s our time to shine! This one is my favorite.  Mass High Tech talks about HubSpot and our 600 customers!  I have to say, it’s […]

Oh, Bloglines

Bloglines is down right now.  Has been for at least an hour.  I can’t read about the election, my friends, local news, professional info, humor, etc.  It’s turned into one of those “holy cow, I use this tool every day, WHAT WOULD I DO IF IT WAS REALLY GONE!” moments.  I hadn’t realized how much […]

Google is Safe For Now

The tech community is all a-flutter this week about the launch of a new search engine, Cuil. It’s been a month since the iPhone 3G, and people are a bit starved for content. Cuil did a good job generating buzz. The preferred version: “Ex-Google employees build a better search engine; David beats Goliath.” Mike Volpe […]

The Big Picture

A few months ago Alan Taylor of the Boston Globe launched a photo blog called The Big Picture. A couple times a week he posts 10-20 photos on a particular topic. It makes for a quick read. It is easily the best-looking blog on my reading list.

Rush and Child Prodigies

This post has appeal for two very small segments of my blog audience. 1) Fans of Rush, perhaps the greatest Canadian rock band ever. 2) Musical prodigies. The internet is all about the long tail, right? Seriously, though, this girl is amazing. There are just enough mistakes to prove that it’s live.

Arlington Party on YouTube

I was pointed to some really random Arlington content today. The first commenter on YouTube sums it up pretty well: “Micah you’ve really outdone yourself on this one…you strange, strange man you.” How did I come across this link? This German guy emailed another German guy who emailed this guy who lived in Arlington who […]

Garfield, not FinComm

Several friends have told me that as they read this blog, when they see Finance Committee, the press delete. I’m fine with that – I know it’s not for everyone. I also have people who tell me that they rely on my FinComm and Town Meeting notes. Many of them couldn’t care less (or just […]

Harder Bodies Faster Stronger

I’m way behind in my blog posting. I have two FinComm notes meetings to post, a Finneran bashing, the latest in junk mail technology, and volumes of politics. But I’ve been so busy! Campaign work, real work, fraternity stuff, etc. has kept me hopping. What do I do with a spare 3.5 minutes? Marvel and […]


Many of my better memories of my father involve performing, discussing, and recounting accents.  The root is in the family’s love of Bert and I (holy cow that link is good – listen, and then buy ALL of the CDs).  We listened to more than Bert and I, and explored all sorts of New England […]