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United Breaks Guitars

This nicely written country tune is a lesson to companies everywhere: the customer you piss off next might be the one who obliterates millions of dollars of brand advertising.

Tweeting the Governor

I got an email Friday that Governor Deval Patrick was going to visit the CIC (a bit more on the CIC).  I knew the governor was on Twitter (I was one of the first 25 people to follow him @massgovernor).  So, I sent him a tweet and asked him to stop by!  I wasn’t the only […]

Creating a Memristor

Antonio linked to this story by the inventor of the memristor.  Antonio raved, but I was dubious – how interesting could a multi-year lab research project into circuits be?  Antonio was right – very interesting article. It also does prove that in some corners of HP, there is interesting stuff going on, my personal experience […]

HubSpot Says: You Oughta Know Inbound Marketing

HubSpot takes me back to 1995 with their remake of Alanis Morrissette’s “You Oughta Know.”  This time, it’s not the cries of a jilted lover, but the desperate pleas of the cold-calling salesperson.  HubSpot is all about having your customers find you, rather than you having to find your customers. Anyway, the video is wicked […]

This Cracked Me Up

Marketing humor for all you Mac/PC ad fans: The actors here are our VP of sales and our sales manager.  The marketing department cooked up a script and they ran with it. The blooper reel at the end is hysterical.


A week without a post.  Ugh!  Here are the excuses, perhaps as a form of update: I’ve been spending a lot of time at Lambda Phi of Alpha Delta Phi.  I’m delighted to report they got 19 pledges. A fair amount of time at work.  Finished Sprint 2, kicked off Sprint 3. Three Red Sox […]

HubSpot In The News

The press is full of HubSpot today.  It’s all very exciting until Obama announces his VP choice and sucks every bit of oxygen out of the press cycle.  Until then, it’s our time to shine! This one is my favorite.  Mass High Tech talks about HubSpot and our 600 customers!  I have to say, it’s […]

HubSpot and CIC

There was an article in this Sunday’s Globe Magazine about the office space I’m in. It’s a glowing review. There are even a couple mentions of my company, HubSpot. The article and the spread:

HubSpot’s 2nd Birthday Party

HubSpot celebrated its 2nd birthday this week.  We went to Kings in Boston, had a company meeting, and did some bowling. It wasn’t your average party.  I mean, when was the last time you went bowling with 35 experts on internet marketing? See more pictures

June’s Headline: New Job at HubSpot

Only 3 posts last month – yikes. You’d think being unemployed, I’d have nothing to do but write, but it didn’t work that way at all. It was a very busy few weeks. I spent a few days helping Paul out in his apartment. I helped get my grandmother moved into an assisted living facility […]