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Metaphor Alert

Please, someone notify the metaphor police. This photo exceeds all metaphorical safety margins. See my Tabblo

Wired Loves Tabblo

Wired magazine reviewed the popular photo sharing sites and Tabblo got the highest score – we even edged out Flickr! We got 8, Flickr got 7, Webshots and Zoomr got 6, and down from there. It’s worth pointing out that when Wired reviewed the video iPod, it got an 8, too. For Wired, an 8 […]

Election Day 2006

See the full tabblo.

Boston Tabblo Meetup Thursday November 9 at 7PM at Flattop Johnny’s in Cambridge. Discuss photosharing, storytelling and networking. What’s working and what’s not. Demo Flattop Johnny’s is a 5-minute walk from Kendall on the Red Line. If you’re driving, there is plenty of parking at the Kendall Cinema next door. Flattop Johnny’s has a decent menu, […]

Fall in Arlington

I took 55 photos over 6 weeks of the tree at the Unitarian Universalist church in Arlington Center. Here are a handful of them. I highly encourage you to login and click “create variation” above, and make your own version of fall. See the full tabblo

Day Before the Head of the Charles

Tabblo is one of the corporate sponsors of the Head of the Charles. The race organizers (HOCR) and Tabblo are co-sponsoring a photo contest. So, if you’re headed out this weekend, don’t forget the camera. Make a tabblo with your photos and you might win some prizes. See my Tabblo

Tabblo Boston-area MeetUp When? Tuesday, Oct 17, 2006, 7:00 PM 20061017T230000Z Where? Trident 338 Newbury Street, Boston Boston, MA 02115 Info/Map

Hacking the Nikon S7c

Antonio pulled off a fairly neat hack of his new camera. Now, because of an integration with our “auto-tabblos,” his camera can wirelessly pipe his photos directly into a tabblo. It’s sort of like “live-blogging” but it’s a photo-blog. I can see this being totally cool for travel, among other things. Go to Starbucks, upload […]


Two kinds of motion here for you: the sun and the cars. This “moving” tabblo would be entered in the moving contest if I was eligible (I work here, of course). Feel free to make a variation of this tabblo. There are a few dozen more photos in my lightbox. I took them all tonight […]

New Tabblo Feature: Blog Badges

You recall that I was testing a new feature on Tuesday when the sprinkler disaster occured.  We released it last night – only a 24 hour or so delay.  Antonio blogged about it on the Tabblo blog.  You can see mine on the left-hand side of the page.  And – you can make your own!