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Creating a Memristor

Antonio linked to this story by the inventor of the memristor.  Antonio raved, but I was dubious – how interesting could a multi-year lab research project into circuits be?  Antonio was right – very interesting article. It also does prove that in some corners of HP, there is interesting stuff going on, my personal experience […]

I Quit

Last month I gave notice at Hewlett-Packard, and yesterday was my last day. I left on good terms. I continued to enjoy working with the Tabblo team through the last day. I’ve never been a part of a group that can just make things, and make them with something close to ease. Websites, products, and […]

The Police at Fenway

This started as a regular “hey, this is what’s up in my life” tabblo and has turned into a bit of “look at this neat technology” tabblo. I downloaded this free software Autostitch and it put my pictures together in that neat picture you see above. That isn’t one big picture; it’s 6 pictures stitched […]

Why HP Bought Tabblo

The New York Times ran an article today about how HP’s printing group is working on making it easier to print from the web. I’ve had many friends ask me about the details of HP buying Tabblo.  I’ve given a number of different cagey, redacted responses because I didn’t know how much was public and […]

HP Buying Tabblo

This morning Hewlett Packard announced that it was buying Tabblo. It’s a pretty interesting acquisition. Tabblo has been been building a business by converting an online experience into a real-world experience; we take your pictures and your words and we put them on paper. HP makes a lot of money in that real world, putting […]

I Went To Denver and Changed a Diaper

I’ve been a bit light on the posting lately. The town budget cycle keeps me busy with a few meetings every week, plus work of course. Last week was particularly busy in all respects. At least I remembered to take pictures. Here’s your chance to catch up: two tabblos and a post on the Tabblo […]

A Few Flakes

A story about how a few flakes of snow late on Tuesday ended up with my car in the street on Friday. Read the rest of the story at Tabblo

Indexing Links to Indexed

Story 1: Tabblo got mentions in USA Today and the Boston Globe in the same week. (Niiiiiice!) Story 2: A few days ago a friend of mine sent links to a few funny images in an instant message. I smiled at them, didn’t think anything of it. Then I saw a link in a blog. […]

Tabblo Books – Now Online

We made a neat new release today at Tabblo. You remember that we launched our book product a couple weeks ago. Now, you can make your book public and have it viewed on line! For instance, all of you Lambda Phi’s out there wondering what to get your big brother for Christmas. . . . […]

Get Your Christmas Gift Idea Here: Create a Book

Last week Tabblo launched a new product: books. We have 4×4″ books and 8×9.5″ books. The smaller ones are a linen cover, a nifty, small form factor. The bigger ones have your photos as the binding and cover. What happened in your friends and family last year? Travel? Wedding? New baby? Sports team? Anniversary? Did […]