Dan Dunn and Julie Dunn: Julie is not related to Dan. They are both great candidates who happen to share the same last name. Julie is a candidate for Arlington treasurer. Visit her campaign website.

Dan DunnWith excitement for the future of Arlington and with pride in the accomplishments of my first term, I announce my candidacy for re-election to our Board of Selectmen and ask for your vote on election day, April 5th, 2014.

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About My Candidacy
When I ran three years ago I promised to work with my colleagues on a new long-term budget plan. One of my first motions on the board was committing to a three-year plan and funding it with a tax override. Three years later, the plan has been more successful than we had ever hoped. The three-year plan may last 7 years!

We achieved this success through hard work and collaboration. We engaged town employees, leaders, and volunteers to develop a plan that maintained services and saved jobs. Our town employees joined the state’s GIC health insurance, saving millions of dollars. We expanded our trash collection to include weekly recycling, while reducing the cost of the service.  During my tenure as board chairman, we found a way to increase funding for our schools in order to address the unexpected growth in our student population. Our proactive advocacy and lobbying on the state level has also increased support for our schools and important infrastructure projects. This is all work that I am very proud of.

I am also proud of the work we’ve done to better use technology to help the town control expenses while still delivering services we all rely on – another promise I made three years ago. For example, a new GIS mapping system enabled us to respond quickly to the microburst in 2012. We were able to identify and track the damage, and even use the information to obtain state reimbursement. The town is more capable than ever of evaluating its internal processes and implementing improvements that save time and money.

Beyond budget and services, we have encouraged the arts to flourish in town, including supporting and sponsoring public art exhibits.  We heard the complaints about the town’s taxi service, and we responded by re-writing the taxi regulations – resulting in more than twice as many cabs serving the residents of Arlington.

We’ve accomplished a lot over the past three years. I’m running for re-election because there is still plenty of work to be done.  There are challenges that need to be met, and opportunities for improvement that should be pursued and completed. As your selectman, I have listened to your ideas and concerns and worked with you to build a strong and welcoming community.  I hope I have earned your support and ask for your vote on April 5th so that we can continue to build on our successes.

I welcome all questions and comments at dan@dandunn.org.



Dan Dunn

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