Timmy Wakefield

I went to the Sox game on Tuesday with Karl.  It was a nice night with great weather.  We sat next to a nice woman who had last been to the park to see Yastremski, in 1979.  And Tim Wakefield pitched a gem.  He gave up one run in 8 innings, and the game lasted only 2:18!  Papelbon nailed the 2-1 win.  

Evidently I was not the only one dazzled by his performance.  Bill Janovitz of Buffalo Tom whipped out a tribute song.  Download the MP3 and give it a listen.

Dylan has written all about Catfish
I may never write like Bobby, WAKE like Pedro won’t pitch
But true Red Sox fans will always know what they wish
To have nine players just like Timmy Wakefield
Nine players just like Timmy Wakefield
Give me nine players just like Timmy Wakefield

Found via Universal Hub

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One Response to Timmy Wakefield

  1. Susan says:

    Thanks for the smile – I enjoyed the song! Listening to the play-by-play on radio isn’t the same as watching Timmy Wakefield.